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Enterprise trial resource guide

Enterprise trial resource guide

Netlify Enterprise offers a wide range of features to help you build and deploy your websites and applications quickly and efficiently. You can now sign up for a month-long trial to try Enterprise features.

# About the Enterprise trial

Netlify offers a month-long trial of Enterprise features to help you quickly deploy sites, boost performance, and enhance security across your sites and teams.

Teams that have already participated in the Enterprise trial or teams that are currently on an Enterprise plan are not eligible.

When you sign up for the Enterprise trial, you will be asked to enter a payment method. However, you will not be charged at any time during the trial or charged automatically after your trial is complete. Your payment method is required in order to ensure a smooth transition to a new plan after trial completion, if you choose to upgrade.

You can visit our pricing page for more information on plan features.

# Enterprise trial features

The Enterprise trial includes Pro plan features, plus:

  • High-Performance Build
  • 12 concurrent builds
  • 1.5TB of bandwidth /month
  • 35k build minutes /month
  • SAML single sign-on (SSO)
  • Support for GitHub Enterprise Server or self-managed GitLab
  • Unlimited Analytics and Forms
  • Log Drains
  • High-Performance Edge (opt-in upon request)

# Features not included in trial

The following features are not included in the Enterprise trial:

  • 99.99% uptime SLA
  • On-demand support
  • Unlimited teams with organization level management

# Get started with the Enterprise trial

Learn how to make the most of the features offered on Enterprise trial.

# Deploy your site

To get started on your Enterprise trial, deploy and launch your project by importing or linking your existing repository to Netlify.

To make linking sites to repositories easier, you can connect your Netlify team to your GitHub Enterprise Server or self-managed GitLab instance. For more information, check out our Self-hosted Git doc.

Once you’ve linked a repository, you can focus on managing your deploys.

# Improve site performance

Once your builds are running, you can utilize Enterprise trial features to make sure you are delivering fast-loading, high-quality sites to your users.

In the Netlify UI, go to your team’s Builds page to access a list of all of your team’s builds and their current state. Your Team builds status shows 12 concurrent builds available with the trial, which means you can run up to 12 builds simultaneously.

Team builds status also shows the number of build minutes your team has used. With the Enterprise trial, your build minutes increase to 35k build minutes per month.

In addition to your team’s Builds page, you can find basic information about usage under Billing > Current services > Team plan. Visit our Billing docs for more information on usage.

# Secure sites and teams

The Enterprise trial comes with advanced security features to help you secure your sites and teams from the inside out.

# Configure SAML single sign-on for your team

You can start by configuring SAML single sign-on (SSO) for your team, ensuring only authorized team members can access sensitive information. You can allow, and optionally require, team members to log in to Netlify through your company’s identity provider.

To configure SAML SSO for your team, go to Team settings > Team details > Single sign-on and select Configure SAML to get started. Visit our team SAML SSO docs for more information on how to set up SAML SSO for your team.

# Configure protection settings for site deploys

You can protect your sites further by configuring protection settings for your site deploys. From your Team overview, go to Team settings > Sites. In Default site protection settings, you can set up a default site protection setting, either with basic password protection or team login protection. Visit our site protection docs for more information.

# Add dedicated secondary DNS to your team

Finally, you can add Netlify’s dedicated DNS network to your team to increase your sites’ resiliency and protect against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. For more information, check out our Dedicated secondary DNS docs.

Please note that dedicated secondary DNS requires High-Performance Edge.

# Enable High-Performance Edge

With High-Performance Edge enabled, you can improve response times for your sites by 30-50%. While you are on the trial, you can enable High-Performance Edge by filling out this form located in your Team settings.

# Monitor site and team performance

Netlify provides you with a variety of ways to monitor your teams and sites.

# Keep track of changes using team audit logs

To keep track of changes made by your Netlify team members, you can access your team’s audit log. The Enterprise trial comes with unlimited audit logs to help you find the full history of actions made by your team members.

Access a team’s audit log by selecting the team in the Netlify UI, then selecting Audit log. Visit our team audit log docs for more information.

# Set up Log Drains for third-party services

In addition to providing a variety of logs to help you monitor your team members and sites, the Enterprise trial also includes access to Log Drains.

With Log Drains, you can connect site traffic logs, function logs, and edge function logs from Netlify’s CDN to third-party monitoring services. Netlify supports integration with many services, such as Datadog, New Relic, Axiom, Logflare, Sumo Logic, Amazon S3, and more.

To get started with Log Drains, check out our Log Drains doc.

# Enable Analytics for your site

For an even deeper understanding of your projects, you can enable Site Analytics to monitor and find trends in pageviews, visitors, sources, and more. With the Enterprise trial, you get unlimited Analytics pageviews.

Enable Analytics for your site by selecting Analytics, then select Enable Analytics. For more information, check out our Site Analytics doc.

# Maintain Enterprise access

If you want to maintain access to Enterprise features after your trial is over, you will need to upgrade to Enterprise before the end of your trial period. You will not be charged automatically at the end of your trial.

For more information, please contact sales or speak to your Account Manager during your trial.

# Case Studies

Check out our case studies to learn how we’ve helped businesses like yours scale their applications with ease. Our case studies showcase how businesses have used Netlify Enterprise to improve their workflows and increase productivity.

Check out more of our case studies.

# Webinars

Join us for our webinars to learn more about how Netlify Enterprise can help your business scale. Our webinars cover a range of topics, from best practices to advanced features.

Check out our upcoming webinars.

# Contact support

If you have questions about the Enterprise Trial, or run into any issues, please contact support.