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Integrations overview

Netlify offers a wide variety of integrations for your projects. Whether you need to choose a framework, find a content management system (CMS), start from a template, or add a specific type of integration, Netlify can help you connect to and install solutions.

In the Integrations tab for your site or team, you can discover new tools to build out your projects. Authentication, database, and email services are only some of the integrations you can expect to find.

Netlify integrates with frameworks across the web ecosystem. You can use our framework docs to reference common configurations and guides for your framework of choice. Many are automatically recognized and configured for your project by Netlify.

Build Plugins are integrations that extend the functionality of the Netlify Build process. You can discover and install plugins through the Integrations tab or npm.

Interested in adding an integration? Explore the Netlify SDK docs to get started. If you have any questions, contact us through our technology partner program.