Sites with multiple domains

You can find the domains associated with your site in the Domain management section of your site settings.

Need to delegate just a subdomain?

You can delegate a subdomain to Netlify DNS without the apex domain. Learn more in this doc.

# Domain aliases

You can assign multiple custom domains to the same site. When you do this, one is designated as the primary domain, and all others are called domain aliases. We recommend assigning no more than 50 domain aliases to a site.

You can add a domain alias in your site settings under Domain management > Domains > Production domains. Select Add domain alias, and follow the process for assigning a domain to your site.

To change a domain alias to the primary domain, select the Options button next to the domain, then select Set as primary domain.

# Domain redirects

If you have multiple domains assigned to your site, you can redirect visitors between them or add other custom redirect and rewrite rules based on the domain entered into the browser by your visitors.

For more information, visit the docs on domain-level redirects.

# Apex domains and www subdomains

When you assign an apex domain (eg. or a www subdomain (eg. as the primary domain for your site, two entries are added to the Production domains panel:

  • one entry for the apex domain, and
  • one entry for the www subdomain.

The primary domain is the custom domain you entered. The other entry is for the alternative domain that gets redirected automatically to the primary domain.

  • If you set the www subdomain as your primary domain, Netlify will automatically redirect the apex domain to the www subdomain.
  • If you set the apex domain as your primary domain, Netlify will automatically redirect the www subdomain to the apex domain.

If you’re using external DNS, we strongly recommend setting the www subdomain (or another subdomain) as your primary domain. If you want to set an apex domain as your primary domain, we recommend using Netlify DNS. Our blog post How to Set Up Netlify DNS has more details on these recommendations.

Redirects for non-www subdomains

Though Netlify automatically redirects between the apex domain and www subdomain, we don’t do this for any other subdomains. You can configure this behavior yourself with domain-level redirects.

# Branch subdomains

This feature is available in our UI with Netlify DNS.

Want to standardize and customize branch deploy domains?

You may be interested in Automatic deploy subdomains, which allows you to set up a custom domain for all branch deploys. This is a BETA feature enabled for all users on Pro plans and above.

To use branch subdomains with automatic deploy subdomains, check out these docs for some considerations.

Netlify DNS can turn your deployed branches into their own subdomains.

The resulting branch subdomains use the fixed syntax and can’t use a different pattern. For example, if your custom domain is and your branch is staging, you can check the latest deploy of that branch at

Before you can enable branch subdomains, you must enable branch deploys for your branch and successfully deploy your branch.

To add a new branch subdomain, go to your site settings under Domain management > Domains > Branch subdomains, and select New subdomain.

A branch subdomain can be deleted by using the x button in the corresponding subdomain row.

Visit our Forums for a verified Support Guide on setting up branch subdomains without Netlify DNS.