Edge Functions limits

This feature is in BETA.

Keep the following limitations in mind when working with Edge Functions.

# Operation limits

Edge functions have limits for the amount of memory and execution time they can use:

  • Memory per set of deployed edge functions: 512 MB

  • CPU execution time per request: 50 ms

    This tracks all time spent running your scripts. Execution time does not include time spent waiting for resources or responses.

  • Response header timeout: 40 s

# Invocation limits

The number of invocations allowed per month varies by team plan. Refer to the pricing page for details.

# Feature limitations

This beta release includes the following limitations.

  • If a site has Netlify’s site-wide password protection enabled or Netlify’s Split Testing enabled, requests to that site will not execute edge functions.
  • If a site is using Netlify’s Custom Headers, including basic authentication headers, they will not apply to edge functions.
  • Unexpected collisions may occur if a site has multiple framework plugins generating edge functions as part of the build.
  • The rewrite(url) method cannot be used to execute additional edge functions. To create a chain of edge functions, you should instead use multiple declarations to associate a single path with a series of edge functions.
  • The rewrite(url) method cannot be used to rewrite to other domains. To fetch content hosted on another Netlify site or an external site, use the fetch Web API.
  • Atomic deploys do not currently apply to environment variables used in edge functions. When you make changes to environment variables in the Netlify UI, all edge functions, including those in previous deploys, will use the most recent environment variable key/value pairs.