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JavaScript SPAs

Netlify supports many frameworks and project architectures. On this page, you'll find generic common configuration information for JavaScript single-page applications (SPAs). For framework-specific configurations, refer to our frameworks page.

# Build configuration for JavaScript SPAs

Most SPAs declare a build command in the scripts array of the project’s package.json file. To run this script in Netlify, set the Build command to npm run YOUR_BUILD_SCRIPT or yarn YOUR_BUILD_SCRIPT, depending on your chosen JavaScript dependency manager.

The Publish directory for single-page apps is often called dist but varies by framework and build tool. You can check the framework documentation, or try running the build script locally, then check what folder was created as a result.

Avoid 404s for SPAs

If your project is a single page app (SPA) that uses the history pushState method to get clean URLs, you must add a rewrite rule to serve the index.html file no matter what URL the browser requests.

# Code splitting or hashed filenames

If your SPA (single-page application) uses code splitting or hashed filenames with our atomic deploys, filename changes may break asset references on your site and result in an Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token error.

To ensure your assets work across deploys, consider disabling hashed filenames, using permalinks, or using a service worker. For more details and solutions, check out our official Support Guide on handling code-splitting issues on Netlify.

# More build configuration resources