Form submissions

This document covers features you can use to interact with your form submissions. To learn how you can be made aware of new submissions, visit our form notifications page.

# Form submissions UI

You can find all submissions to your Netlify forms in your site’s Forms tab. Select a form name from the Active forms list to access the submissions for that form. By default, only verified submissions are listed. You can switch to spam submissions via a dropdown above the list.


If you’ve turned off form detection, build bots will not process any new or changed forms in your HTML files during deploys. You can still access form submissions for any preexisting and unchanged forms, but any newly deployed or updated forms won’t support new submissions while form detection is deactivated.

# Change a form submission’s state

You can change the state of a submission from spam to verified or vice versa. To do so, check the box next to each submission title to select one or multiple submissions and then use the Mark as spam or Mark as verified button.

# Delete a form submission

You can delete both verified submissions and spam submissions. To do so, check the box next to each submission title to select one or multiple submissions. After you select the submissions, a red Delete button will become available. When you select Delete, you’ll be prompted to confirm the deleting action. Once you confirm, your selected submissions will be deleted permanently.

# Export form submissions to CSV

You can export verified form submissions to a CSV file. From the Forms tab, select the form you want to export, then select Download as CSV near the top of the form detail page.

# API endpoints

You can use the API to get verified/spam submissions, delete submissions, delete forms, and more.

# File uploads

When a form is submitted with one or more file uploads, a link to each uploaded file will be included in the form submission details. These are accessible in the Netlify app, in email notifications, in CSV exports, and via our API.

# Form-triggered functions

You can integrate your forms with Netlify’s serverless functions by triggering a function on verified form submissions. Find out more in the Functions docs.