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Git overview

Git is at the core of Netlify’s workflow. When you push changes to your site’s Git repository, Netlify detects your changes and triggers automated deploys, functions, and more across our global CDN.

# Git and Netlify

Netlify builds on Git to optimize the developer workflow and improve productivity.

For example, you can configure continuous deployment with Netlify so that every git push from your local Git repository triggers a new Deploy Preview.

You can also keep your Git-centric workflow on the command line with the Netlify CLI. Learn more about Netlify CLI or explore how to create a site from a template using Netlify CLI.

To learn more about how Netlify optimizes development around the Git workflow, check out this blog post on Netlify’s Git-centric workflow.

# Git provider support

Git providers offer hosting for Git repositories. Using the Netlify UI, you can connect your site’s repository to Netlify from these Git providers:

  • GitHub
  • GitLab
  • BitBucket
  • Azure DevOps

For set up guidance and repository permissions requirements that are more specific for each Git provider, check out our docs on repository permissions and linking.

For general guidance on how to set up your site with Netlify from a Git repository, check out how to add a new site. You can also start a site or app from Netlify templates.

# GitHub Enterprise Server support

You can connect Netlify sites to GitHub Enterprise Server repositories that are available at a public URL. Learn more about Netlify’s GitHub Enterprise Server support.

# GitLab self-managed support

You can connect Netlify sites to GitLab self-managed repositories that are available at a public URL. Learn about Netlify’s GitLab self-managed support.

# Git repository support

Netlify supports building your site from different types of Git repositories.

  • private or public repositories owned by personal user accounts
  • public repositories owned by an organization account
  • private repositories owned by an organization account (This feature may not be available on all plans, depending on Git provider.)
  • monorepos
  • repositories accessed during a build, such as submodules or npm package repositories
  • repositories available at a public URL from GitHub Enterprise Server or GitLab self-managed (This feature may not be available on all plans.)

# Git support limitations

Netlify does not support client-side Git hooks and will not run Git hooks from your main Git repository or submodule. Learn more about Git hooks.

# More Git resources