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Netlify provides a variety of custom and default notifications to help you monitor your sites. Follow the links below for more information about each type of notification.

# Slack notifications

Set up Slack notifications for your team or site’s activity with the Netlify Slack app.

You can create subscriptions with this app to track changes to:

  • DNS zone and domain events
  • Netlify team configuration changes
  • Netlify team membership events
  • Deploy state changes. You can refine these events by deploy context or deploy state
  • Environment variable events
  • Form submissions
  • Site configuration changes
  • Netlify Drawer activity

Learn more about the Netlify Slack app.

# Deploy notifications

Set up deploy notifications to track a specific site’s deploy activity. Send deploy notifications to email, a pull/merge request, or an external web service.

For example, you can send notifications for these deploy events:

  • Deploy started
  • Deploy succeeded
  • Deploy failed
  • Deploy deleted
  • Deploy locked
  • Deploy unlocked
  • Previously successful deploy failed
  • Previously failed deploy succeeded

For a full list of deploy events supported by Deploy notifications, check out the Deploy notifications docs.

# Form notifications

Form submission notifications inform you about new verified form submissions. You can configure notifications for individual forms or for all forms on your site.

# Build settings notifications

If you stop or activate builds for your site, Netlify will notify all site members by email.

# Usage and billing notifications

By default, Netlify sends site add-on usage notifications when any site add-on is enabled, as usage for a metered feature approaches level limits, and more. These are sent to the billing email you set for your team.