Lighthouse Scores Visualization

Experimental feature

Lighthouse Scores Visualization is available as an early access feature.

With Lighthouse Scores Visualization, you can review Lighthouse scores for each of your builds on your site’s Deploy Details page with a much richer format.

If you have multiple audits (directories, paths, etc) defined in your build, we will display a roll-up of the average Lighthouse scores for all the current build’s audits plus the results for each individual audit.

Additionally, if your team is on a Pro plan or higher, you will be able to see how your Lighthouse scores have changed across previous deploys of your site in the Deploy List.

# Enable Lighthouse Scores Visualization

  1. Install the Lighthouse Build Plugin to your site. You only need to install this build plugin once for your site.

  2. Enable the feature on your user account’s Netlify Labs page. Once enabled, Lighthouse scores are only displayed for the user that enabled them. Each team member that wants access must enable the feature through Netlify Labs.

# Share your feedback

We have a lot planned for this feature and will be adding functionality regularly, but we’d also love to hear your thoughts. Please share your feedback about this experimental feature and tell us what you think.