Monitor builds

You can check your team's current builds status and get insights into historical builds usage by visiting your team's Builds tab.

Current status

On the main Builds page, you can check the current number of Active builds and Builds waiting for capacity. You'll also find a list of all of your team's builds and their current state such as completed, building, or enqueued: awaiting capacity.

Select any build to visit its detail page where you can examine the deploy log, cancel the deploy, and more.

Historical insights

Switch to the Insights page for more information about your team's builds usage. Here you'll find data on Build minutes used and Top sites that have accrued the most build time. This data updates daily.

Select the name of any site to visit the site’s dashboard.

More resources

Learn more about concurrent builds and build minutes in our Billing doc.

Visit our Community forum for tips on optimizing what and how you build to reduce build queueing and make the most of your build minutes. Focusing these efforts on the Top sites revealed on the Insights page is likely to have the most impact since those sites are accruing the most build time.