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Experimental features in Netlify Labs

Netlify Labs provides a way to try out new features while they’re being finalized. We believe that the best way to release new features that will directly address your needs is by allowing you to check them out and provide feedback along the way.

We announced Netlify Labs with a goal of improving your overall experience in the Netlify app. The program allows us to collect feedback early on and validate assumptions we may have made along the way.

# Use Netlify Labs

You can turn experimental features on and off by visiting Netlify Labs in the Netlify app. While logged in, select your avatar (labeled “User” for screen readers) in the top-right corner of your screen, then select Netlify Labs.

Because these features are works in progress, they’re meant for testing and may not always work as expected. Features in Netlify Labs aren’t recommended for production use. Depending on the feedback we get, they may not be released and may be removed completely.

# Join our research program

There are more ways to contribute your opinions and insights to the Netlify team besides providing feedback on features in Netlify Labs. Our research team continues their work to better understand your needs through regular research calls. Join our research program to participate. Our team is excited to learn your thoughts on Netlify and advocate for you in product and design decisions.