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Command Palette

The Command Palette is a convenience tool that gives you quick navigation through the Netlify UI and access to various commands.

Here are some examples of actions with the Command Palette:

  • Jump to any site on any of your teams
  • Navigate directly to a deeply-nested feature or setting
  • Search the docs, blog, and support forums from within the Netlify UI
  • Toggle between light and dark themes
  • Set custom keyboard shortcuts to quickly jump between sections of the Netlify UI

# Get started

While using the Netlify UI, you can access the Command Palette at any time in two ways:

  • Simultaneously press command+K on macOS, or ctrl+K on Windows and Linux.
  • At the top of any page, select the search input.

Either method will enable the Command Palette in the center of your browser window.

Invoking the Command Palette.

To close the Command Palette, complete an action, press your keyboard shortcut again, or press esc.

# Use the Command Palette

After opening the Command Palette, start entering text to filter the list of available commands, then select a command from the list.

Searching for sites.


You can search for a site by typing its name right away. You don’t need to select the Search sites... command first.

# Command scope

Some commands become available based on the context of where you are in the Netlify UI. For example, searching for Functions or Forms is only available once you navigate to a site in the Netlify UI. Similarly, commands to open a deploy’s Git repository or pull/merge request in a new tab are only available if you’ve navigated to a deploy for a site connected to a Git repository for continuous deployment.

If you want to edit a site-specific setting — such as changing environment variables — navigate to the site first by entering the site name and selecting it from the filtered list. You can then search for environment variables and jump directly to the site’s list of variables.

Changing a site’s environment variables.