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Netlify provides several self-serve and interactive help resources outside of these product docs.

# Resources

# Fix deploy failures and build errors

To help you fix failed deploys, Netlify offers AI capabilities that diagnose and suggest solutions for deploy failures and build errors so you can get back to shipping code.

Learn more about Netlify’s AI capabilities to give solutions for failed deploys. A failed deploy with a "Why did it fail?" button and a diagnosis and suggested solution above the deploy log details

# Tips for requesting support by email

This feature is available on Core Pro and Enterprise plans.


Anyone can request private support for login/signup assistance, site/DNS transfer, a billing issue, or to report fraud/abuse. Private support for other topics requires a paid plan. If you can’t request private support for your question, community support is available in our Forums.

Providing specific, detailed information in your initial request may help reduce back-and-forth so we can resolve your issue together, faster. This section provides tips to help you prepare to send a request through the support form at netlify.com/support.

# Site name

You can find this information under 

. Other places in the Netlify UI may list your site by its custom domain if you’ve configured one, so be sure to send us the Site name from this location.

If your request pertains to multiple sites, please share all relevant site names.

If your request isn’t about a specific site, please enter n/a for the site name. Questions that aren’t about a specific site are often about a user account or team account. If that’s the case, please provide the email address for your user or account slug for your team as described below.

# Email address

If you have multiple email addresses, be sure to use the one that’s associated with the user, site, or team that you need help with. This ensures your request will be prioritized as entitled by your subscription.

# Team account slug

If your question pertains to a team rather than a site or user, please provide the team’s account slug in the body of your request. You can find this information under Team settings > General > Team details > Team information > Slug.

# Screenshots

You can’t send screenshots through the support form, but you can add them after you’ve submitted your request. After you submit the form, you’ll get an email confirming that our help desk has received your request. You can send relevant screenshots in response to the email.

# Learn with example site