Build Plugins

This feature is in opt-in BETA.

Build Plugins are a new way of expanding what your Netlify builds are capable of. For example, you can use plugins to:

  • speed up builds by optimizing and debugging your build cache
  • pull data from external sources
  • optimize font use for faster site performance
  • generate a sitemap of your built site

You can choose from plugins created in the community, or you can even build your own. Because Build Plugins are in beta, you will need to enable them first.

Enable Build Plugins Beta

To get started using Build Plugins, visit to select which sites you'd like to enable. From the site selection screen, you can select sites from the current team, or enter a search term to find sites across all teams.

You can select one or more sites, then select Enable. You're now ready to start using Build Plugins!

Manage beta-enabled sites

When you have beta-enabled sites on your team, you can select the Build Plugins link in the Netlify app header to access settings and information about Build Plugins Beta. This page includes a list of the sites you have currently enabled.

You can select Enable sites to enable more sites. You can remove a site from the beta by selecting Options in the site row and then selecting Disable Build Plugins Beta.

Explore plugins

If you have beta-enabled sites on your team, you can access the Plugins tab in your team-level menu. Here you'll find a list of plugins created by Netlify staff and members of the community.

Each plugin listing links to a GitHub repository with installation and configuration details.

Install a plugin

You can install plugins for your Netlify site by adding them to your Netlify configuration file. Here is a sample configuration with two plugins installed:

package = "my-awesome-plugin"

package = "replace-images-with-kittens"

  colors = ["orange tabby", "black with socks"]

Each [[plugins]] entry accepts two keys:

  • package (required): the npm package name of the plugin.
  • inputs: custom settings which the plugin author may specify as required or available for configuring the plugin.

You can find these details in each plugin's repository README, linked from the Plugins directory.

Sometimes order matters

Different plugins run during different stages of your build. When multiple plugins are set to run in the same stage, they will run in the order they are listed in the Netlify configuration file. A plugin's README will indicate if order is important to that plugin's functionality.

When you save your changes to your Netlify configuration file and push them to your linked repository, the build that's triggered will run with your newly installed plugins. If you would like to test a plugin before running it in a production build, you can use a branch deploy or Deploy Preview, or you can run the build locally with Netlify CLI.

Remove a plugin

To remove a plugin from your site, delete or comment out the plugin's configuration fields from your Netlify configuration file. When you push your committed changes, the build that's triggered will run without the plugin.

Create your own

Once you've had a chance to try out some community-built plugins, you may want to make one of your own. To learn how, visit the netlify/build repository.

Get help

If you have questions or feedback about Build Plugins Beta, or if you want to learn about how other people are using plugins, come join us in the Netlify community forums! Our engineers will be monitoring and responding to questions.

If you have questions about a particular plugin, you can ask in the community, or you can file an issue in the plugin repository.