Share Build Plugins

If you’d like to share your plugin with others, you can publish it to npm. All Netlify Build Plugins in the npm Public Registry can be installed by any Netlify user through file-based installation.

# Publish to npm

To publish a Build Plugin to npm, follow npm’s documentation for contributing packages to the registry.

Be sure to add the following properties to your plugin’s package.json file:

  • name should start with netlify-plugin- (such as netlify-plugin-example or @scope/netlify-plugin-example). It should match the plugin name field. It is recommended for the plugin repository to be named like this as well.
  • keywords should contain the netlify and netlify-plugin keywords. The same applies to GitHub topics. This helps users find your plugin.
  • repository and bugs should be defined. Those are displayed to users when an error occurs inside your plugin.