Netlify Slack App

The official Netlify Slack app accelerates your team’s workflow by bringing the Netlify activity you care most about to Slack, such as changes to deploy states, environment variables, domains, form submissions, and more. You also get our AI-powered chatbot assistant ready to answer your questions about using Netlify.

The Netlify Slack app is in Public BETA and is available for Pro plans and above.

# Overview

The Netlify Slack app enables teams to set up Slack notifications in just a few clicks.

Netlify Slack app comment in Slack showing that someone left a comment on a preview of a site through the Netlify Drawer’s review tools

# Event subscriptions

With the Netlify Slack app, you can set up subscriptions to track changes to:

  • DNS zone and domain events
  • Netlify team configuration changes
  • Netlify team membership events
  • Deploy state changes. You can refine these events by deploy context or deploy state
  • Environment variable events
  • Form submissions
  • Site configuration changes
  • Netlify Drawer activity

For Netlify Drawer activity, you can subscribe to these events:

What’s the Netlify Drawer?

The Netlify Drawer is the embedded review toolkit that allows Netlify Reviewers, Collaborators, and Owners to share context-rich feedback on the latest changes in a Deploy Preview or branch deploy. The Netlify Drawer powers collaborative Deploy Previews. Learn more about the Netlify Drawer.

# Ask product questions

To get product answers from our AI-powered chatbot assistant, enter @Netlify in any public or private Slack channel where the Netlify Slack app is added.

Our chatbot will only work in Slack workspaces where the Netlify Slack app is authorized.

The chatbot assistant responds in Slack threads with info sourced from our product docs, recent blog posts, and support forums posts.

How does the chatbot work?

This experimental feature uses artificial intelligence (AI) to provide you with efficient access to information about Netlify. However, it may not always understand the full context of your query or produce a reliable, accurate answer. When in doubt, please refer to this documentation site or our other help resources.

Learn more about how our chatbot assistant works or share your feedback about your experience at the bottom of our Ask Netlify overview doc.

# Track product updates

Learn about Netlify’s latest product updates directly from the Netlify Slack app home page. In the left sidebar of your Slack workspace, select Netlify from your Slack apps.

Slack app window showing the Netlify Slack app selected with a list of Netlify product updates

# Netlify activity and privacy

Any private or public Slack channel where the Netlify Slack app is installed can surface notifications about Netlify forms, deploy states, domain changes, Netlify team member changes, environment variable changes, and review comment or issue updates from the Netlify Drawer. Check out this full list of event subscriptions available.

Netlify Slack app comment in Slack showing that someone left a comment on a preview of a site through the Netlify Drawer’s review tools

The Netlify Slack app cannot be invited to a channel that is shared across multiple Slack workspaces.

Slack workspace admins can also prevent Multi-channel guests in a Slack workspace from creating Netlify subscriptions. Slack admins can do this by changing permissions for all Multi-channel guests so they cannot use slash commands for installed apps and can only use the workspace’s default slash commands.

# Set up the Netlify Slack App

Install and authorize the Netlify Slack app for your Slack workspace directly from the Netlify UI, or select the Add to Slack button below.

# Required app permissions

To authorize installing the Netlify Slack app to a Slack workspace, you need to be a Netlify team owner and have permission to install unlisted Slack apps into your Slack workspace. During the public beta release, the Netlify Slack app is not listed in the official Slack app directory.

Depending on how your Slack workspace admins have configured app permissions, you may need help from a Slack workspace admin to install the app.

These Slack admins can:

# Authorize and install the app

When you authorize the Netlify Slack app, note that you are granting everyone in your workspace the permission to view activity on your Netlify team, including Slack users who are not on your Netlify team or don’t have Netlify accounts. Any person in Slack with permissions to use your Slack workspace can also set up event subscriptions.

Add to Slack

You can connect multiple Netlify teams to a single Slack workspace, which may be ideal for Netlify organizations. However, you cannot connect a single Netlify team to multiple Slack workspaces. A Netlify team can only be connected to one Slack workspace.

Free plan for Slack workspace?

Note that if your Slack workspace is on the free plan, then you may exceed the message limit quicker with the Netlify Slack app installed. Learn more about this limitation.

To install and authorize the app:

  1. As a Netlify team Owner, from your Netlify team overview dashboard, go to

    , and select Select workspace.

  2. To complete your Netlify Slack app installation, follow the Slack authorization prompts. If you are not able to install the app, consider asking your Slack workspace admin if they can do one or more of the following:

    • install the Netlify app for you
    • approve the Netlify app so you can install it in your workspace
    • allow apps not listed in the Slack app directory to be installed in your workspace

# Subscribe to Netlify activity

You can subscribe to Netlify activity from Netlify or directly from a Slack channel. Either way, subscriptions for your site are visible in your site or team notifications in the Netlify UI.

To subscribe to activity in a private Slack channel, you must subscribe from Slack. Subscribing from Slack also doesn’t require that you are a team Owner to subscribe to team-wide activity.

# Subscribe from Netlify

Choose whether you want to subscribe to activity from a specific site or from an entire team.

# Subscribe to team-wide activity

  1. As a Netlify team Owner, from your Netlify team overview dashboard, go to


  2. Select Add subscription.

  3. Choose the event type and channel.

# Subscribe to a specific site’s activity

  1. For your site, go to


  2. Select Add subscription.

  3. Choose the event type and channel.

# Subscribe from a Slack channel

To subscribe a Slack channel to Netlify activity:

  1. If you haven’t already, add the app to your channel by entering @netlify.

  2. In your chosen Slack channel, enter /netlify subscribe. If this is not your channel’s first Netlify event subscription, select Create new subscription.

    Channel shared across workspaces?

    Note that you cannot install the app in Slack channels that are shared across Slack workspaces.

  3. Choose an event type.

  4. Enter details for your event type subscription. Note that if you don’t specify a site for your subscription, then the event subscription will apply to all sites on the team.

Now your Slack channel is ready to post Netlify events.

# Troubleshoot the Netlify Slack app

Try the strategies below or contact us.

# Messages don’t appear in channel as expected

Double-check that the Netlify app has been invited to your Slack channel by entering @Netlify or /netlify in your channel.

Confirm your Slack channel has not been archived since subscriptions are paused for any archived channel.

Next, consider if the messages are simply delayed.

# Messages are delayed

If messages are delayed, you may have hit the Slack app rate limit. Learn more about the Slack rate limit limitation.

# Limitations

Note the following limitations of using the Netlify Slack app.

# App not supported in channels shared across Slack workspaces

The Netlify Slack app is only authorized to share Netlify activity for a single Slack workspace. This means you cannot install the app in a channel that is shared across multiple Slack workspaces. Learn more about Slack channels shared across workspaces.

# Message limit for free Slack workspaces

If you are on a free plan for your Slack workspace, you may reach Slack’s message limit faster with the Netlify Slack app installed.

We recommend you check out the Slack usage limits docs to understand this limit better. Note that the message usage limit is different than the rate limit.

If you exceed the message limit, no one in your Slack workspace will be able send a message until Slack lifts the restriction. The fastest way to resolve this restriction is to upgrade your Slack workspace to a paid plan.

To avoid this scenario, consider how you might prioritize or limit event subscriptions for free Slack workspaces.

# Rate limit

The Netlify Slack app is designed to share updates for humans rather than bots or scripts, so the app requires that notifications are not sent at a higher rate than 1 message per second per Slack channel.

Given this limit, notifications that occur more frequently than that will be queued and may appear delayed.

If you need notifications in Slack more often than every second, we recommend the following approaches:

  • Create more specific subscriptions. For example, subscribe to specific sites instead of all sites.
  • Make subscriptions for multiple different channels rather than sending all notifications to the same channel.
  • Use our webhook notification type for deploy state notifications to build your own custom solution.

# Share feedback

To share feedback about your experience using the app:

  1. Go to any message from the Netlify Slack app in your Slack workspace.
  2. Using the three-dot menu, select Leave feedback.

For feedback about our chatbot assistant, check out Ask Netlify feedback.

For feedback about these docs, check out the docs feedback form at the bottom of this page.