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Organization management

This feature is available on Enterprise plans.

Monitor all of your organization’s teams from your organization overview dashboard. Track metered feature usage, review billing, and streamline user authentication and provisioning with Organization SSO or SCIM Directory Sync.

Organization Owners have access to the Organization overview, and have the Team Owner role by default for all teams linked to their organization.

# Organization settings and information

Organization Owners can access information about the organization’s teams, billing, and other settings by selecting the organization name at the top of the page and going to Organization overview.

To access a team that is not linked to any organization, from the Organization drop-down menu list, select External teams.

# Invite an Organization Owner

Note that inviting Organization Owners is in beta.

Existing Organization Owners can invite new Organization Owners. By default, you can have up to 3 Organization Owners.

  1. From your Organization Overview, go to Owners.
  2. Select Invite Organization Owner.
  3. Enter an email, then select Send invites.

Organization Owners must accept their email invite before they can access your organization in this role.

To further secure access to your Organization, check out our docs on enforcing SSO for your organization.

# Remove an Organization Owner

Note that removing Organization Owners is in beta.

SCIM Directory Sync enabled?

Note that if your Organization has SCIM Directory Sync enabled and you remove an Organization Owner, that user will either be completely removed from your Organization or given a new role if that’s configured through SCIM Directory Sync. At this time, SCIM Directory Sync does not support assigning the Organization Owner role.

To remove a user as an Organization Owner:

  1. From your Organization Overview, go to Owners.
  2. Select the Organization Owner you want to remove.
  3. Choose Remove from org.

If you want to give this user a new role, you can invite the user to a team or site again. Learn more about adding team members.

# Add an organization

To create an organization to manage your teams, please contact sales.

Organization Owners can upload an organization logo to display on the Organization overview. Select Settings > Edit information, then select Upload image. After uploading your image, select Save.

# Logo image guidelines

When uploading a logo, the image guidelines for organizations and teams are the same. Visit the team management doc for more information.

# Organization overview

You can find basic information about your organization, including usage information and a list of your organization’s Teams, on your organization’s Overview page.

# Organization usage

You can monitor usage across your organization, including the number of team members and how much build capacity, bandwidth, and build minutes your teams are using. To get started, go to your organization’s Overview page to access the Total usage of metered features for all of your teams.

This includes the current amount of Total bandwidth used by your organization as well as how much bandwidth is available. This data updates daily. You can also access the number of Total build minutes used, which updates every hour.

You will need to refresh your browser to load the updated Total bandwidth used and Total build minutes used data.

To gauge how much of your organization’s capacity for concurrent builds is being used across all of your teams’ sites in real-time, use Concurrent builds.

To monitor the different usage limits for each of your organization’s teams, go to the Teams list. Selecting a team from the list opens the Team overview for that team.

You can monitor which sites in your organization’s teams use the most bandwidth. To compare top bandwidth usage for a team’s sites, go to

. Select your team plan to access bandwidth usage details, including the Top bandwidth per domain. Bandwidth usage data updates in near real-time and may require a browser refresh.

Owners and Billing Admins can find additional usage data for their organization’s teams under

. Learn more about usage and insights.

If you want to delete your organization and its associated teams, please contact sales.

# Create a new team

  1. Organization Owners can create a team in two ways:

    • Select the team menu at the top of the Netlify UI and select Create a new team.

    • On your Organization overview, in the Teams card, select Create new team.

  2. Choose a name for the new team and select Create team.

Check out our team management docs for more details on how to manage your team.

# Delete a team

You can only delete a team if you have more than one team in your organization.

To delete a team:

  1. Go to the Team settings for the team you want to delete.
  2. Select Danger Zone.
  3. Select Delete team.

To delete your only team in an organization, contact our Sales team for help.