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Monitor activity in Netlify Connect

This feature is available on Connect Enterprise plans.

Netlify provides logs to help you observe and troubleshoot activity on your data layer.

You can access data layer activity logs to review sync activity and the team audit log to review team member activity.

# Review data layer sync events

Logs are retained for 5 days

Currently, Netlify only retains Connect logs for five days. Older events are listed in the Activity section, but the logs are unavailable.

To review sync events for a data layer, navigate to the overview page for that data layer:

  1. Navigate to the page for your team in the Netlify UI.
  2. Select the data layer you want to review from the Data layers list.
  3. Review the Activity section and select a sync event in the list to access the detailed log.

Example data layer activity section with a sync event expanded to reveal the detailed logs.

To review the associated data revision for a successful sync, select Revisions.

# Review team member activity

To help you audit and troubleshoot changes to your data layer, Netlify automatically logs changes to the following items in your team audit log:

  • API scopes: when a team member adds, edits, or deletes an API scope for a data layer.
  • API tokens: when a team member generates, updates, or revokes an API token for a data layer.
  • Connected sites: when a team member connects or disconnects a site.
  • Cross-references: when a team member adds, edits, or deletes a cross-reference.
  • Custom webhooks: when a team member creates or deletes a custom webhook.
  • Data layers: when a team member creates, updates, or deletes a data layer.
  • Data revisions: when a team member pins or unpins a data revision.
  • Data sources: when a team member creates, updates, or deletes a data source.

To access these logs, navigate to


Learn more about the team audit log.