Netlify DNS

Netlify offers the option to handle DNS management for you. This enables advanced subdomain automation and deployment features, and ensures that your site uses our CDN for the apex domain as well as subdomains like www.

Apex domains only

Netlify DNS does not support subdomain delegation and can be used for apex domains only. In other words, you can’t have your domain’s name servers on another service, then use our name servers for a specific subdomain only.

# Add a domain

You can add a custom domain to Netlify DNS by registering a new domain or by delegating an existing domain from another registrar.

# Register a new domain

To learn how to register a new domain, visit the domain registration page.

# Add a domain you own

To add a domain you have already registered elsewhere:

  1. Go to your team’s Domains page and select Add or register domain.
  2. Enter the domain you wish to add and select Verify.
  3. You will be asked to confirm that you are the owner of the domain. Select Yes, add domain to create a Netlify DNS zone for the domain.

You will be given the option to add DNS records, followed by instructions to delegate your domain to Netlify.

# Transfer domains between teams

If you already have a domain in your team’s Domains page, you can transfer the domain and all of its settings to any other team where you are an Owner or Collaborator. To do this, select the domain you wish to transfer, then go to Collaboration > Transfer ownership, near the bottom of the page.

For information about transferring domains between registrars, visit the domain registration page.

# IPv6 traffic

IPv6 is a new version of the IP protocol that allows your site to reach areas of the world where connectivity using IPv4 is not possible due to the lack of IP addresses. For now, IPv6 is not enabled by default on all Netlify sites. If you use Netlify DNS, you need to enable it explicitly in your Domains dashboard.

After adding a domain to Netlify DNS, you’ll be able to enable IPv6 traffic for your domain by selecting Enable IPv6 on the zone header:

After IPv6 is enabled for your domain, your main domain and all the branch subdomains that you create will use IPv6, as well as IPv4.

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