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Domain registration

Netlify sites can be assigned to domains registered anywhere. For your convenience, Netlify also provides domain registration service directly in the Netlify UI.

All Netlify domain registrations are private, with Netlify listed as the WHOIS contact. Netlify-registered domains are automatically configured to use Netlify DNS.

For more information on valid domain extensions for Netlify-registered domains, refer to this top level domains list. Certain domain extensions may not be available through our registration service.

Need to delegate just a subdomain?

You can delegate a subdomain to Netlify DNS without the apex domain. Learn more in this doc.

# Register a new domain

Team and Organization Owners can register a new domain on Netlify:

  1. Go to your team’s Domains page and select Add or register domain.
  2. Enter the domain you wish to register and select Verify.
  3. If the domain already has an owner, choose a new domain and repeat step 2.
  4. If the domain is available, you are presented with the price to register for one year. We’ll use the payment method on file for the team, or you can add or update a payment method.
  5. To authorize payment and register your new domain, select Register domain now.

This will register the domain name, create a Netlify DNS zone for the domain, and provision a wildcard certificate for HTTPS, all in one click!

To add a domain name that uses Unicode (or non-ASCII) characters such as ñ or é, use Punycode format. First, convert your domain name to Punycode using a Punycode converter, such as Punycoder. Then, use the converted output for the domain name as you follow the Add or register domain prompts.

Next steps

Once you have registered your domain on Netlify, you can use it with your Netlify sites and with other services.

# Domain renewal and expiration

Domain registrations are valid for one year. To ensure continuous service, Netlify-registered domains automatically renew by default using the payment method on file for the team. You can turn off auto-renewal in the domain detail page of the Netlify UI.

Near the end of the registration period, Netlify will send you an email informing you of the cost for renewal, as well as whether your domain is set to renew automatically or not.

If you have disabled auto-renewal on a domain, and the registration expires, all DNS records for the domain will stop working. You have the option to get the domain back, subject to the following timeline:

  • For the first 30 days after expiration, you can request assistance with domain renewal by contacting from an email address associated with the Netlify team that paid for the domain.
  • For the next 30 days, days 31-60 after expiration, you can neither renew nor purchase the domain.
  • When 60 days have passed after expiration, the domain becomes available for sale to the public. You can then purchase it again as a new domain.

# Transfer registration

We cannot accept inbound domain transfer requests from other registrars. However, if you have a domain registered elsewhere, you can still take advantage of Netlify DNS by delegating your domain to Netlify.

You can also transfer domain registrations and DNS zones between your teams on Netlify. Visit the domain transfer instructions for details.

If you would like to transfer a Netlify-registered domain to another registrar, please contact support for assistance. Note that ICANN regulations do not permit transfers within 60 days of registration.