With Netlify Analytics, you can get a deeper understanding of your projects by monitoring trends in site activity. Server-side data collection for Analytics complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), has no impact on site performance, is not stopped by ad blockers, and does not require any extra configuration.

Get started

To enable Analytics on your site, select the Analytics tab and click Enable Analytics. The payment method on file for the team that owns the site will be used if available. Otherwise, you will be prompted to add a payment method.

Data collection begins when your site is first deployed rather than starting when you enable Analytics. Up to 30 days of historical data will be backfilled in your charts.


  • Pageviews: instances of your site’s pages being served.
  • Unique visitors: different IP addresses engaging with your site.
  • Top pages: pages of your site that have had the most pageviews.
  • Top resources not found: resource requests for your site that returned the most 404 errors.
  • Top sources: URLs that generated the most traffic to your site.
  • Bandwidth used: how much data has been served by our CDN for your site.

The Pageviews and Unique visitors charts plot daily metrics. You can examine the charts to explore day-level details. Data for the current day updates hourly.

In the Top pages and Top sources charts, you can select the URL of any source or page to visit it in a new tab. Similarly, in the Top resources not found chart, you can select the URL of any resource to visit the 404 page served for it in a new tab.

The Bandwidth used chart plots daily metrics. You can examine the chart to explore day-level details about your site’s bandwidth usage. Data for the current day updates hourly.

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Analytics: How it works

Analytics: Usage and billing