Azure DevOps

Beta feature

This feature is enabled for everyone on all plans by default. If you’d like to disable the feature, you can do so through Netlify Labs.

In addition to GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket, Netlify now natively supports Azure DevOps as a Git provider.

Connect to Git provider buttons with options for Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket, and Azure DevOps

Teams can connect new and existing sites on Netlify to an Azure repo and take advantage of automatic builds and instantaneously-published deploys.

You can configure deploy notifications to alert Azure DevOps and other services of your site’s deployment status. Your stakeholders can preview incoming changes with Deploy Previews, or enable unlimited deployment contexts—such as staging or docs sites—with branch deploys.

Azure DevOps support is currently in the beta stage and is enabled for everyone on all plans by default. If you’d like to disable the feature, you can do so through Netlify Labs.

# Enable Azure DevOps access

To access your Azure organization’s repositories on Netlify, your organization must enable Third-party application access via OAuth on Azure DevOps. Learn more about organization policies in the Azure DevOps docs.

In order to connect an Azure repo to a site on Netlify, the Azure DevOps user you authenticate with needs Azure DevOps permissions to Edit subscriptions and View subscriptions. Your admins can add the user to the project administrators group on Azure DevOps, or grant these specific permissions.

# Get started with Azure DevOps and Netlify

Configuring a site with Azure DevOps is similar to Netlify’s automated build and deploy workflows with other Git providers.

  1. Set up continuous deployment by linking an Azure repo to a new or existing Netlify site in the UI. To troubleshoot your builds or repository linking, check out Troubleshoot your Azure DevOps connection.

  2. Customize your build configurations and branch deploys as needed.

  3. Configure automated deploy notifications for Azure DevOps commit statuses and pull requests.



  4. Preview changes to your Netlify site and share Deploy Previews with your team. During the beta stage, sites linked to Azure repos do not support collaborative Deploy Previews, which feature the Netlify Drawer on Deploy Previews for gathering review feedback.

# Known issues

The beta release currently has these known limitations:

# Share your feedback

Thanks for trying out support for Azure DevOps repos! If you have any feedback on the experience or want to get in touch, please feel free to share in our Azure DevOps support survey.