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Cloud setup overview

The visual editor enables content editors and developers to collaborate on the same site with a containerized visual editing experience.

A container runs the editing application, but also handles staying in sync with your remote repository and running your site (in development).

# Set up visual editor locally

We recommend testing out the visual editor locally to ensure your configuration works, especially as you learn how to customize the visual editor for your team.

Here are some key differences to testing out the visual editor locally:

  • You must run and use your own development server
  • Any branch can be used when working locally, since the local visual editor application doesn't listen for remote Git changes.

If you're not using local development, then the visual editing container runs your development for you and webhooks pull in changes pushed to the site's working branch. Note

# Next steps

After testing out your initial setup, site templates, and other custom configuration options, we recommend you finish setting up the visual editor so your team can collaboratively edit with some of these guides: