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Cloud container

A container runs the editing application but also handles staying in sync with your remote repository and running your site (in development).

# Cloud architecture

The following diagram shows how the various pieces of the visual editor work together when not in local development mode.

# Container setup

The container goes through a specific lifecycle when it is created or restarted. This is the process:

  1. Clone the Git repository.
  2. Run postGitCloneCommand, if defined.
  3. Run preInstallCommand, if defined.
  4. Run installCommand. The default is either yarn or npm install if the configuration property is undefined.
  5. If the configured runnable directory (set in the visual editor settings) is not the same as the project’s root directory, then also install dependencies in the runnable directory. To review your runnable directory, go to .
  6. Run postInstallCommand, if defined.
  7. Run devCommand, if defined. Otherwise, run the default command based on ssgName.

# Content update flow

The following diagram shows how content is updated when not in local development mode.

# Self-hosted container

Please contact us for details about on-premise and self hosting.