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Visual editing overview

Understand methods for adjusting code and content in Visual Editor.

# Editing methods

The visual editor is an editing application that provides three different ways to directly edit code and content.

  • Page Editor: editing panel that changes based on the context of the current page in the preview.
  • Content Editor: classic CMS mode, with the ability to edit content within page and data models.
  • Inline Editor: highlights around elements in the preview that enable direct, in-place editing.

While inline editing is done directly on the preview, all others are enabled through icons on the left sidebar in the visual editing application.

Visual editing controls.

# Page editor

The page editor is a panel on the left side of the screen that changes context based on actions taken within the preview and sitemap navigator.

Page editor.

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# Content editor

The content editor provides a means to quickly edit structured pages and data objects. This is similar to traditional form-based editing within a CMS.

Content editor.

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# Inline editor

Visual Editor provides the ability to make changes directly in the preview by clicking directly on editable content.

Inline editor.

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# Editor extensions

These editing methods can be further customized with various editing features.

Custom buttons can be added to the sidebar as direct links and shortcuts to content or editing controls.

Standard and custom sidebar buttons.

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# Field controls

Visual Editor infers field editor controls as best as possible. Fields can then be further customized through model extensions.

Thumbnail view from model extension.

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# Field groups

Fields can be broken up into tabbed groups for better organization when using the page or content editors.

Field groups in page editor.

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# Custom fields

When the default field controls are not enough, you can bring your own custom field controls.

Custom inline HTML control.

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# Additional features

This section contains additional features to aid with visual editing.

# Document statuses

Document titles are paired with labels (in some cases) to indicate their current status, providing a quick visual representation of the state of content.

Document status labels.

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