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Identity audit log

Supported usage varies depending on Identity level.

Netlify keeps a log of actions taken by your Netlify Identity users. To access a site’s Identity audit log, take these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Integrations tab for your site.
  2. Select Identity, and then select View.
  3. Select Identity audit log.

To search a site’s Identity audit log, provide a scoped search term and press enter or use the magnifying glass icon in the search field.

Searches require a scope: prefix. The following search scopes are available:

  • author:[string]: search log history for events by any Identity users with names or emails containing the given string.
  • action:[string]: search log history for actions with names containing the given string. The following action names are available:
    • login
    • logout
    • user_signedup
    • user_deleted
    • user_modified
    • token_revoked
    • token_refreshed
    • user_recovery_requested
    • user_invited