Billing FAQ

This page answers frequently asked questions about Netlify billing. Visit our billing page for instructions on how to change your billing information, access payment history, and more. If you have questions that aren't answered by the docs, you can visit our Community forum to ask questions about pricing and plans.

How do metered features work?

Metered features are priced based on your usage. When a site’s usage of a metered feature reaches the limit of the current level, it triggers an automatic upgrade to the next level, or purchase of an extra usage package. (Refer to the pricing page for details on which usage thresholds trigger which type of upgrade or purchase.)

What's an extra usage package?

With metered features, some usage thresholds trigger an automatic upgrade to the next level, and others trigger purchase of an extra usage package. (Refer to the pricing page for details.) Extra usage packages increase your allowance for all metered features in the package — including ones that are still below their limit. Multiple packages can be added in a single billing period as package limits are reached. They are one-time purchases, meaning they will not be prorated, and will not be added in the next billing period unless usage in that month requires it.

When will I be charged?

Netlify billing is done on a team basis and runs on a monthly cycle which starts on the first day you add a paid plan or add-on, or start using a metered feature. To find the billing date for your team, go to Billing and check the billing period dates.

Different payment timing patterns apply to our products as described below:

  • Charged annually: This applies to domain registrations, which renew on a yearly cycle. Registration fees are charged to the team payment method immediately on purchase or renewal.
  • Charged monthly, in advance: This applies to team plans, team member seats, and Analytics. Fees for the first month are prorated for the number of days left in the billing cycle and charged immediately to the team payment method. Fees for subsequent months are charged in full at the end of the preceding billing cycle.
  • Charged monthly, in arrears: This applies to site add-on level upgrades (excluding Analytics). Fees are prorated for the number of days at a given level and paid at the end of the billing cycle in a combined charge.
  • Charged once per purchase: This applies to extra usage packages for bandwidth, build minutes, and site add-ons. Each package purchase is applied to a running balance for the team and combined in a single payment at the end of the billing cycle. These one-time purchases are not prorated.

Are charges prorated?

We prorate team plan and add-on level fees based on the number of days at that plan, level, or team member seat count in the current billing cycle. This can happen in the following situations:

  • Usage-triggered automatic level upgrade for a site add-on
  • Manual upgrade of a team plan or site add-on level
  • Manual downgrade of a team plan or site add-on level
  • Addition or removal of a team member seat


When usage triggers an add-on level upgrade, the site add-on will remain at the higher level at the start of the next billing cycle.

For items charged monthly in advance, downgrading or removing the item mid-cycle results in a prorated credit applied to any other charges remaining in that billing cycle.

Extra usage packages are one-time purchases and are neither prorated nor carried to the next billing cycle.

Why can't I downgrade my add-on level?

You cannot downgrade to a lower level for a metered feature if your current usage is above the limits of the lower level. If you wait until the start of the next billing cycle, you can downgrade the add-on level before usage reaches the lower level limits. Remember that if site usage does pass a level limit, it will automatically upgrade back to the higher level.

How will I know when metered feature usage has passed the level limit?

You can check a site’s usage of an add-on by going to the settings page for that add-on. For example, you can find Functions usage from the site dashboard, at Settings > Functions. You can check the usage of all site add-ons across a team by going to Billing > Current services > Site add-ons with fees and selecting All site add-ons in the dropdown.

You can find your team’s usage of bandwidth and build minutes under Billing > Current services > Team plan. More detailed information about build minutes used, including a chart of the sites that have accrued the most build time, is available under Builds > Insights.

We will also send notification emails when metered feature usage is approaching the limit of the current level, and when it triggers an upgrade or extra usage package.

When will I receive notifications about my usage?

Netlify sends notification emails to a team's billing email when any site add-on is enabled, as usage for a metered feature approaches level limits, when usage triggers an upgrade, and when the team payment method is charged at the end of the billing cycle. Here’s an example:

  1. You add a form to a site. Netlify sends a notification email that the site is now on Forms Level 0, which includes 100 form submissions per month and 10MB of uploaded files per month.
  2. The site reaches 50 form submissions a week later. Netlify sends a notification that form submissions are at 50% of the Forms Level 0 submissions limit.
  3. The site reaches 75 form submissions a few days later. Netlify sends a notification that form submissions are now at 75% of the Forms Level 0 submissions limit.
  4. The site reaches 100 form submissions halfway through the first month. This triggers an upgrade to Forms Level 1, increasing the allowance to 1000 submissions and 1GB of uploads. Netlify will send a notification email, but the team payment method will not be charged until the end of the billing cycle.
  5. The site has a sudden spike in traffic and reaches 750 submissions a few days later. Netlify sends a notification that form submissions are now at 75% of the Forms Level 1 limit.
  6. The traffic spike continues and reaches 1000 submissions the next day. Netlify adds an extra usage package to the site, which adds 500 submissions and 500MB of uploads to that site's monthly allowance. Netlify sends an email confirming this purchase, but the team payment method won’t be charged yet.
  7. At the end of the billing period, the team payment method is charged a single amount including a prorated charge for Forms Level 1 (because the site was at Forms Level 1 for only half the month), plus one extra usage package. Netlify will email a receipt.
  8. The following month, the site continues on Forms Level 1. Netlify will send the first usage notification email when the site reaches 750 form submissions or 750MB of file uploads.

Can I set a limit on my usage?

There is no way to set limits on metered feature usage, aside from not using a feature at all.

How can I make sure I never get charged?

The Netlify core workflow is included for free with every site. If you start using an add-on with a metered feature, we will send you notifications based on your usage, as described above. If you reach this point and want to avoid being charged, you can change your site code to remove the functionality from your site. Remember that a sudden spike in usage may cause your site to pass the free level limit before you have a chance to change your site.

What can I do if my site usage went over a limit because of spammers?

We recommend taking measures to help prevent abuse of your site add-ons. For example, form submission spam can be reduced by adding a reCAPTCHA 2 challenge and honeypot field. To help prevent bot registrations for your Identity add-on, you can require email confirmation for new users.

What will happen if I don't enter my credit card?

You can get started with most Netlify add-ons for free without a credit card, including the features with metered pricing. When you start using a metered feature, Netlify’s notification emails will include a prompt to add a team payment method. If you reach the end of the billing period and still don’t have a card on file, your team account will be escalated into non-payment mode, triggering notification messages and further attempts to charge your account. See the documentation on overdue accounts for more information.

What can I do if I've been charged the wrong amount?

If you find a problem with your billing, please contact our support team and we’ll do our best to make it right!

Can I get a free trial?

We don't offer free trials of our self-serve tiers of service. Most paid features include a free tier of service, and most charges are prorated.

How can I know if Netlify will start charging for a free service in the future?

As a growing company, we may find we need to change pricing to best match customer needs with company goals. Though we can’t make promises about what the future will bring, we fundamentally believe that the JAMstack is a better way to build web projects, and we want to make it simple and free for developers everywhere to try it. That’s why our metered features have a free tier. For a general guideline, you can expect that any feature marked as “beta” will usually see pricing changes on release.