Identity usage and billing

You can check your Identity service usage under Site settings > Identity > Identity Instance > Usage. This shows your current usage level and tracks your usage of the following services:

  • Active users: If your site is set to open registration, we'll track the number of logged-in visitors to your site during this billing period.
  • Invite-only users: If your site registration is set to Invite only, we'll count all users in your Identity user list, regardless of activity.
  • Branded external OAuth integration: If you enable external provider login, you have the option to use our default configuration, or upgrade levels to customize login using your own app credentials.
  • Custom outgoing email address: Identity-generated emails like password resets are sent from by default. At higher levels, you can send them from an address you own.
  • Audit log: At higher levels, you can view and search an activity history for your Identity service.

Metered features like your Identity user count are charged based on usage. When usage reaches a level limit, the site will automatically upgrade to the next level or package.

Change levels

Any team member with the ability to change settings on your site can also change levels for services on that site.

To do this, go to Site settings > Identity > Identity Instance > Usage, and select Change level. Level fees will be prorated and charged at the end of the billing cycle, to the team's payment method.