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Team-owned sites

Each Netlify site belongs to a team, even if it’s a team of one.

# Transfer sites between teams

You can transfer any site for which you have Owner access to any team where you are an Owner or Developer. To do this, go to

, and select Transfer site. You may also choose to create a new team from this menu.


Transferring a site between teams may affect site members, features, or pricing. This varies depending on the current site configuration and the plans of the teams you’re transferring between, so be sure to read the in-app warnings carefully.

Here are some general rules to keep in mind:

  • Site members who are not members of the destination team will lose access to the site. You may want to invite them to the team before transferring.
  • Some features and settings are restricted to specific plans. If the destination team is on a lower plan than the originating team, you will lose any settings you may have entered for the features you lose. Check the current plan for each team and compare their features and pricing.
  • Sites linked to GitHub Enterprise server or GitLab self-managed repositories rely on a team-level connection to your instance, and require special handling for transfer. If you need to transfer a site that’s linked to a GitHub Enterprise server or GitLab self-managed repo, contact support for assistance.
  • Legacy Global sites use a dedicated CDN, and require special handling for transfer. If you’re considering canceling a Global site plan or transferring a Global site to a team, contact support so we can guide you through the process and avoid any interruptions in service.

To transfer sites between teams with no shared Owners or Developers, please contact support.